Sierra Knavel


About Me

Graduate Research Assistant

School of Mathematics

Georgia Institute of Technology


Here is a link to my C.V.



B.S. Mathematics, Ohio University, May 2020


Research & Contributions

S. Knavel, R Trapp. Embedded totally geodesic surfaces in fully augmented links. Communications in Analysis and Geometry Volume 23, Number 4, 797–826, 2021

R. Bycofski, B. Klein, and S. Knavel. (2020, Release Jan 2.). The Pancake Problem. In, D. Auckly, B. Klein, A. Serenevy, and T. Shubin (Eds.) Inspiring Mathematics: Lessons from the Navajo Nation Math Circles. Jointly published by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) as Volume 24 of the Math Circles Library.

S. A. Knavel, T. V. Savin, M. V. Mroz, M. E. Kordesch, C. N. Eads, J. T. Sadowski, and S. A. Tenney. A Mathematical Model of Solid-State Dewetting of Barium Thin Films on W(112). Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena. EDP Sciences, 2019.



Send me an email at sknavel3 (at) gatech (dot) edu


Send me an email at sknavel3 (at) gatech (dot) edu